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We understand sometimes it is not practical for you as the consumer and small business owner to go through the daunting task of unplugging your computer, dismantling, remembering what device plugs into what port, loading it into your car and visiting us to troubleshoot your computer.

We love to do on-site visits for your computer! Our trained technicians can visit you on-site, diagnose, and quickly resolve most issues the same day with our on site service. Our inventory includes typical failed parts on your computer allow you to get back up and going quickly and reliably. In most instances we guarantee our work and parts! Contact us today to schedule a consultation. For extra, we can give you priority support when the moments count.

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We Love Small Businesses!

Contact us today to learn more about how the Houston Computer Experts can create a custom tailored monthly support plan for your small business. We can handle new computer purchases, upgrades, maintenance, and support for your staff when the equipment your team depends on to work everyday decides to take an unfortunate path and fail to deliver as promised.

We offer month to month contracts ensuring you get the highest quality of service. Because we are so confident you will love our services, you won’t be locked into a long-term contract for our support services. We allow you to be free to modify the agreement to best benefit your company.

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